Getting to know you

Clear communication is essential to our (and your) success. At ESC Mobile, we take the time to truly listen to you before we begin work. Please visit our contact page to tell us a little about you and your company.

How do you work? What motivates you? What do you need to be efficient and productive? We will contact you shortly afterward (by email or phone, depending on your preference) to discuss your goals and objectives.

After gathering the initial requirements, we'll prepare a custom proposal and road map that clearly demonstrate the cost of the project, amount of time and effort required, the team members and the outline of our plans for development and delivery.

In-Depth Analysis

Once you’ve approved the road map, we’ll clearly document the project plan before moving along to the analysis stage. One of our experienced team leaders will meet with you to discuss your project requirements in detail. We’ll work diligently until all parties are fully satisfied with the thoroughness and accuracy of the analysis, and will then submit the finalized document for your approval.

Design & Prototyping

This is where our team really shines. Before starting development, we create graphical screen mock-ups using your company’s branding elements. Once the mock-ups are approved, we’ll create a prototype of the application to help you anticipate the finished product and allow for easy, low-cost changes as necessary.

Development & frequent deliveries

We believe in involving our customers as much as possible throughout all stages of development. This constant communication and transparency helps to ensure efficiency and accuracy, and to eliminate any unwelcome surprises. Rather than delivering the fully developed application at once, we deliver frequent versions to gather feedback along the way, enabling us to produce a flawless end product that precisely meets your specifications.


Our dedicated QA team tests each application with meticulous precision. We have the discipline and dedication to create robust and slick software that exceeds expectations of speed, performance, stability, and security.
At ESC Mobile, systematic testing starts very early in the project lifecycle, and continues as we add and change features. We only move forward in the development process upon successful completion of unit tests.

Delivery & Support

Once the final application is complete, we can either deliver it directly to you or publish it to app stores for you. With several applications deployed on both Google Play (formerly Android Market) and Apple Store, we have all the necessary skills to publish your applications properly.


We don’t just deliver the final product and disappear — we provide ongoing support long after publishing your application. Our technical team will closely monitor the program’s progress and performance, providing personal support for a full 4 months after the publish date. In the unlikely chance that any issue emerges during the support period, we guarantee a quick fix and republish, at no cost to you.

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